Yatin-News-2014 KBC-Yatin 2014/2015 new product launch event

2014 KBC-Yatin 2014/2015 new product launch event

In this 19th KBC Shanghai fair dated from May 28 to May 31, we, Yatin Bath Corp., took the same big stand as always and launched the new products.

Superior faucet, the most important range for both the international and domestic markets, insert the real Swarovski crystal in the handle, gives the people a simple luxury, transitional and graceful feeling. And in this range, we have the matched accessory also cheered up the people when they were looking around.

We have another two accessory ranges called Rousseau and Munch. Rousseau is a round design that could universal match with any un-square-shape faucet in the bathroom, while Munch is a square range has the hang-on system to make the installation easy. Both of the two ranges have their own features and well accepted by all the visitors.

The production of all the new products is under running, and will be ready between the middle and the end of June. We can’t wait to push them into the market and let the people enjoy the Yatin design.

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