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YATIN Show Room Set Up in Foshan
Release time: Source of information: http://www.yatin.com

In the morning of Oct.16,2006, Foshan Image Agent of Yatin Sanitary Ware has set up in the most conspicuous brand showroom of the first-floor hall of Foshan, Guangdong - Chinaware. 

The Image Agent hold Yatin designing style - YATIN FORM CHINA, FOR WHOLE WORLD, the most perfect cultural ideal. Chinese Red, Classic Dark, Honored Grey and Elegant White, all of these implicate China’s great traditional culture. 

The Agent show three series of Yatin - Accessory, Faucet and Furniture, which brightly annotates Yatin Ideal: Taste Comes from the Details. 

Yatin strengthen her brand value by insisting on the Chinese style, original design, precise technical and proper marketing, which shows the uniqueness of Yatin - creating to be the best brand for sanitary hardware in china.

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