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Yatin Xinchang Flag Ship Shop
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On the morning of Step. 28th , 2005, Yatin Xinchang Flag Ship Shop for Excellent Bathroom Furniture ceremoniously opened on the golden area of Renmin Middle Road of Xinchang. This two-store, 250 sq.m. shop is the first Flag Ship Shop for bathroom products in Xinchang. With its imperatorial and fashionable design, Yatin Xinchang Flag Ship Shop attracted the attention of numerous consumers. There are 3 major showing areas for the exhibitions of Yatin Bathroom Accessories, Excellent Faucets and Excellent bathroom Furniture respectively. As the leading product of Yatin, four serious of bathroom accessories was newly launched, which inherited the simple and natural style of Yatin bathroom accessories, and was remarkably innovative at the same time. With the unique internal quality and fashionable design, the newly launched Yatin Excellent Faucet and Excellent Bathroom Furniture became the shining stars and received praises of the customers. Again, Yatin annotates its products idea "Taste comes from the details".

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